A New DEX Bridging the Gap Between Crypto and Euro


Last weekend, the EuroSwap project successfully closed phase-1 of the ongoing EDEX token sale Priority Session. The second phase is currently underway and will conclude in about a week.

This token sale is undoubtedly a big step forward for EuroSwap as the team intensifies efforts to make inroads into the European Union (EU) crypto community and market. And judging by the response the token sale has gathered so far, the project seems to have already made some progress on that front. 

That is precisely why today we’re going to have a quick look at the EuroSwap EDEX project, where it stands today, the roadmap ahead, and other relevant details. But, a quick disclaimer before we get started  — this article won’t delve into the technical aspects of EuroSwap and the EDEX token. Rather, it is more like a general overview of the core ideas behind the project and what it could potentially have in store for the average crypto investor.

The backdrop

As you probably know, the European Central Bank (ECB) intends to issue the digital euro and is currently weighing out various options including the use of distributed ledger technology (DLT). 

Despite ECB’s vision and efforts, however, the vast majority in the region still seems not too keen on embracing the digital Euro. For example, a recent study shows that only 13% in Germany are in favor of ECB issuing the digital euro while almost 56% were against it.

This has prompted many analysts and industry insiders to conclude that this apparent reluctance towards the digital euro stems from the same underlying reason that has traditionally slowed down the rate of cryptocurrency adoption in the region. 

It’s the lack of understanding of digital currencies both on conceptual and technological levels.

EuroSwap believes that the only way out of this conundrum is to make cryptocurrencies easily accessible to the common masses. The team overseeing the project argues that the more Europeans learn to use cryptocurrency now, the higher the popularity of the digital Euro will be at launch.

To achieve that objective, the team launched the EuroSwap – European Deсentral Crypto Exchange (EDEX).

Why EuroSwap EDEX?

The core idea behind launching EDEX was to make it easy and efficient for EU residents to invest in and trade digital assets. It is a decentralized exchange that allows users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies using the euro (EUR).

The EuroSwap team claims that one of the platform’s biggest strengths is the Visa fiat-crypto gateway, which they say makes the whole investment process safe, easy, and reliable from end users’ perspective.

Also, being a fully decentralized platform, EuroSwap allows users to be in full control over their assets and transactions. That’s not something you would enjoy in the run-of-the-mill centralized exchanges offering custodial solutions.

Furthermore, the decentralized structure also enables EuroSwap EDEX to offer more privacy and better security to users.

The EDEX token

The EDEX token is the native asset on the platform. The team is confident that the vision and underlying technology powering its decentralized exchange makes the EDEX token a far more lucrative investment choice compared to “kitchen” tokens such as PancakeSwap, BurgerSwap, BakerySwap, and the likes.

Like we mentioned at the start, the EDEX token sale is currently underway and has entered the second phase of the Primary Session. Investing in EDEX during the Primary Session brings users many added advantages such as low price and personalized support, among others.

During phase-1 of the Primary Session, the EuroSwap team unveiled the project’s MVP and underlying technology. Alongside it also listed the first trading pair on the platform in BUSD/EDEX. Now, during the second phase, the EDEX developers team is focusing on elaborating the reliability of the project.

It is worth noting that the project has already announced the listing on Coinmarketcap Calendars and CoinGecko, besides forging partnerships with prominent marketing companies.

EDEX token sale specifics

The price of the EDEX token is now 0.02 EUR (0.0232 BUSD).The minimum investment amount is 499 EUR (576 BUSD). The maximum investment amount is 74,900 EUR (86,500 BUSD).Users can reap added benefits by investing more than 10,000 BUSD.

EDEX tokenomics

Name: EuroSwapSymbol: EDEXTotal supply: 746,000,000Smart contract address:  0x5D11Cb1D41BB18D1120a041CDF08155E4581a603Priority session: 1.5%PreSale session: 5.5%Final session: 0.5%Lock liquidity: 20% collected fundsEcosystem: 24% Foundation: 24,5%Operation reserve: 14%Marketing & Listing: 3,5%Team & Advisors: 6,5%

Visit the EuroSwap official website and whitepaper for further details.

EuroSwap on social media: Telegram | Twitter 


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