ABEY Token Poised for Growth After Liquid Global Listing


ABEY token, the native token of the multi-layer blockchain protocol ABEYCHAIN, has enjoyed a significant rise in value in recent months.

The token launched in 2020 at a base price of $0.60 but has increased by 400% to its current value of $2.40. 

This increase has been attributed to the growth of the ABEYCHAIN ecosystem, which boasts over 100,000 users. In addition, ABEY token could be about to experience a major surge in demand following its recent listing with Japanese exchange Liquid Global. 

ABEYCHAIN ecosystem continues to attract new users

The recent listing of the ABEY token on Liquid Global is a reflection of the growing ABEYCHAIN ecosystem. Developers have continued to throng on the blockchain protocol to build novel and innovative applications and protocols. 

ABEY recently revealed that it has been adding an average of 20,000 active ABEY 2.0 addresses each week since the beginning of August 2021. This makes it one of the fastest-growing blockchains in the world. 

This development was spurred by the first airdrop of XT, the native token of XSWAP on August 17, 2021. Since then ABEY has conducted another airdrop with 500,000 more XT tokens distributed on September 9.

ABEYCHAIN is considered one of the fastest smart contract platforms and has successfully solved scalability and decentralization problems plaguing Ethereum. It utilizes a hybrid blockchain model that integrates Proof-of-work and the delegated Proof-of-Stake consensus to great effect. 

ABEYCHAIN architecture can be scaled to accommodate web 3.0 products and can process up to 10,000 transactions per second. Another selling point for the blockchain protocol is its cross-chain compatibility. 

The growing cryptocurrency space means that there is a greater demand for interoperability among existing blockchains. ABEYCHAIN allows users to port existing products and dApps from other chains to its blockchain ecosystem without hitches. 

ABEYCHAIN also allows developers to create, list, and sell dApps via its dedicated dApps market. A feature that is not readily available on other blockchain protocols. A dedicated DeFi platform called XSWAP leverages ABEYCHAIN blockchain to provide novel products for users. 

ABEYCHAIN has also launched a decentralized storage network called ABEY Storage Network, allowing users to store their data on the blockchain. The storage system has its native token ABEY Storage Token, used to incentivize storage miners that store users’ data. 

A stablecoin named aCash Token represents a major role in the aPay payment protocol and is pegged to the USDT. 

ABEY Token is now listed on Liquid Global

ABEY Foundation, the body that oversees the development of the token, revealed ABEY token would be listed on Liquid Global. 

Liquid Global is expected to list the ABEY/USDT trading pairs, and its user base will be able to deposit, trade, and withdraw ABEY tokens. 

This development represents a significant milestone for ABEY token as Liquid Global is considered one of the largest fiat-cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. Furthermore, the exchange has one of the highest spot trading volumes of BTC/JPY pairs and is regulated by the Japanese financial authorities known for their stringent cryptocurrency laws. 

Many experts expect the listing to take ABEY token adoption to the next level since Liquid Global boasts over 800,000 registered users in 100 countries. This exposure to new users could increase demand for the token resulting in a spike in value. 

In addition, listing the ABEY/USDT trading pair is a good choice since USDT is the leading stablecoin in the cryptocurrency market. Traders can easily purchase USDT and swap to ABEY token on Liquid Global. Long-term ABEY token holders can also swap their tokens for USDT and withdraw profits via the exchange. 

An ideal token to hold in your portfolio 

ABEY tokens represent the ideals of ABEYCHAIN, and the listing on Liquid Global is a major step in the right direction. Furthermore, its meteoric rise in value in the past year shows that the token has massive potential to become an alternative to Ethereum blockchain by developers. To learn more about ABEYCHAIN and ABEY token visit the website.


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