Altcoins that could make you millions before the end of 2022


The crypto market has been known to literally make people rich overnight. In fact, 2021 was the year of crypto, with most altcoins setting record highs in terms of growth. But the start of 2022 has seen most of these tokens lose some momentum. But can you become rich from altcoins? Here are some highlights:

Altcoins have shown that they have the biggest growth potential compared to traditional tokens like Bitcoin and others.

In 2021, some altcoins saw gains of over 10,000%, with surging demand all year through

Altcoins also offer some of the most interesting blockchain projects in the world right now.

Well, if you want to get rich from altcoins, the following are two undervalued tokens that you can consider:

Anchor Protocol (ANC)

The Anchor Protocol (ANC) is an innovative DeFi project that is built on the Terra network. It is designed to offer frictionless access to a set of DeFi products with better speeds and efficiency. What makes this an exciting project is the fact that it’s under the radar. 

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It’s also worth mentioning that the Terra network where it’s built is a hot project too. There is also a lot in TVL for ANC as well, making it a decent bet for future growth. At the time of writing, the coin was trading at $2.23 with a market capitalisation of around $465 million. If you are looking for a decent DeFi project for the future, check this out.

Provenance Blockchain

The Provenance Blockchain is actually an up-and-coming project, so there aren’t even tokens available yet. But it has several key promising features. The platform is an open-source ecosystem for creating and deploying blockchain DApps. It is getting a lot of attention from big-name players in finance and could be a huge bet for growth in the future.

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