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If you are what is known as a liquidity mercenary looking for potential ways to multiply your portfolio, my friend, you are in luck. The Big Eyes Coin project has only 24 hours before its giveaway promo code expires. This project has silenced many critics in the past year by smashing all possible presale records with style.

At the time of writing, it has amassed more than $21 million, and there is no indication that it will stop anytime soon. Join me in today’s editorial, where we will look at this juggernaut of the project along with reasons why Ethereum and Solana finished January in the green territory. Let’s dive in.

While the past year has not been very kind to most cryptos out there, there was one notable exception: meme tokens. Against all odds, these daring projects survived and made impressive gains. One such is Big Eyes Coin, which gathered massive support from meme coin enthusiasts in the past year. The community behind the token, the cat crew, enjoys this cute anime-inspired cat around the clock, big time.

What makes it stand out however is the combination of DeFi and NFT services that it amalgamates under its umbrella. If you enjoy flipping everyone’s favourite JPEGs and staking your tokens, then you are in the right place. The Big Eyes Coin ecosystem delivers services and charges zero commission on transferring the project’s native token BIG. If you are into DeFi and NFTs, this project should be on your radar, especially considering the massive giveaway ending soon.

Ethereum: Bitcoin’s Killer?

When Vitalik Buterin dropped Ethereum’s white paper, it changed the core of the crypto game. Ethereum blockchain quickly became home to almost 90% of the worlds NFTs and numerous DeFi protocols that swept the crypto scenery in late 2020. There is a growing debate between Bitcoin maximalists, who think that Bitcoin should be the only blockchain out there, and Ethereum Believers, who see the future of crypto achieving absolute and total decentralisation only through the Ethereum network.

While only time will settle this debate if you are looking into adding some fundamental projects to your portfolio, ETH, Ethereum’s native token, should be on your radar at all times of the year.

Solana: Ethereum’s Killer

Like Bitcoin, when Solana was first issued, many thought it would substitute Ethereum. For starters, Solana is a much faster blockchain and uses less computational power to add each subsequent block. The speed aspect of this blockchain makes it among the fastest in the game, and thanks to the design of its consensus mechanism, Solana is also the greenest blockchain out there.

As if that wasn’t enough, it’s relatively cheap compared to the ever-rising gas fees that the Ethereum blockchain is notoriously known for. However, there is a major issue that many crypto enthusiasts tend to outline when comparing Solana and Ethereum. Unlike its counterpart, Solana is a very decentralised network, where it takes only twenty validators to restart the whole chain. If you value speed in your transactions with minimal fees at the expense of decentralisation, then choosing the Solana blockchain is a no-brainer.

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