Blockchain Platform Profila Rebuilds Trust Between People and Brands


People will be rewarded for sharing their personal data, and brands will get a new channel to reach their audiences directly. The startup announced a token sale that starts in March 2022, with valuable referral rewards.

The team behind Profila recently presented their solution aiming to stop the misuse of personal data online. The aim is to bring back trust into the relationships between people and brands.

The crypto startup has designed a new-era data, customer engagement and digital marketing platform that empowers consumers to learn about privacy, exercise their privacy rights and get compensated for sharing their data with brands. In turn, brands will receive more accurate feedback and direct insights from each individual. This will enable them to provide each customer with a more personalized and personal experience.

Profila offers consumers complete control over their personal data, and compensation for sharing it with brands through the Profila app. Users receive offers tailored to their needs and preferences, remaining anonymous while seeing relevant ads from brands. If a Profila user accepts to see paid content, they will receive 50% of the ad price paid by the brand.

Through a web-based dashboard, brands can access evergreen personal data which Profila users provide directly. Also, by asking consumers exactly which content they want to receive from the brand and how they want the communication to look like, marketers can engage in highly personalized marketing practices that result in a better ROI.

Profila is built on Cardano, a proof-of-stake blockchain platform founded on peer-reviewed research and developed through evidence-based methods. To deploy their platform and incentivize consumers to use it, Profila has created 500.000,000 Zero-Knowledge Tokens (symbolized as ZKT, nicknamed “Zeke”). These tokens will be offered to the public via an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) as well as several Cardano-focused launchpads (IDO), with the public round starting at the end of March 2022.

Profila is getting ready to launch its ZKT referral program with valuable rewards. Users who refer others to participate in the ZKT token sale and sign up with a unique referral code will get compensated with:

100 ZKT for 5 new people referred250 ZKT for 10 new people referred600 ZKT for 20 new people referred (at a value of 0.15 EUR per ZKT) + unique invite to the Profila App200.000 ZKT valued at 30.000 EUR for 100+ people referred (the total amount will be equally divided over 1 or more users)

More information about the start of the referral program will be announced soon. They are inviting everyone interested to subscribe to the newsletter through their website and follow their social media channels to get notified as soon as it’s launched.

Profila has already received funding from Innosuisse, the Swiss Innovation Agency for its privacy-preserving technology and related research, and from the Cardano community for 4 development projects through Project Catalyst Fund 5 and Fund 6, integrating smart contracts, NFTs, and Atala Prism decentralized ID into the Profila platform. A proposal to integrate ZKT into these ongoing Cardano blockchain integrations is currently being voted on under Project Catalyst Fund 7.

Sign up for the Profila ICO and download the Whitepaper.

Find Profila on social media:

ICO Website | Main Website | Telegram | Twitter | LinkedIn | Discord | YouTube | Medium


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