Crypto Inu (ABCD) tanks by over 30% barely 24 hours after launching a new DeFi deflationary token


Crypto Inu (ABCD) has announced the release of a new DeFi deflationary token. The community token is designed to combine charity support and staking for users. But the news did not immediately trigger a buying bonanza. Instead, Crypto Inu (ABCD) has fallen sharply.

Despite the news, the coin opened trading on Saturday around 30% lower.

Crypto Inu did however manage to pair up some of these losses and was trading at $0.0000001769 at press time, 21% down.

But analysts believe that as the Crypto Inu ecosystem expands, more gains will come in the future.

Data Source: Coinmarketcap.

Crypto Inu (ABCD) – what the future holds

Crypto Inu is a play-to-earn blockchain game that incorporates NFT rewards. It is basically a board game that is trying to bring virtual reality and 3D integration into the experience. The coin right now has a market cap of about $8.5 million. 

It is quite literally a microcap, and there is just a lot to gain from it. The fact that ABCD is also adding new features into its ecosystem is a sign that it is headed in the right direction. As we start to see, the crypto market picking up in the coming days, expect ABCD to also see some gains in the long run.

Why you should consider Crypto Inu (ABCD)

There are several reasons why investors would prefer certain crypto assets over others. However, the key factor is always that upside for growth. Crypto Inu (ABCD) looks more or less like a new coin. 

There is still so much to come from it when you consider its small market cap of around $8.5 million. Besides, NFT based games are exploding right now. Although there is a lot of competition, you’d expect Crypto Inu to earn some market share in the coming months.

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