Every Investor Must Have Bitcoin, Says Morgan Creek CEO

Mark Yusho, the CEO of Morgan Creek, has said that Bitcoin is one asset class that every single investor must have exposure to.

The comments came in a recent appearance on CNBC along with Espresso Systems’ Jill Gunter. Both Gunter and Yusho expressed bullish sentiments about Bitcoin, with Yusho going as far to state that the crypto winter is now over and the market is entering a fresh crypto spring.

Must have Bitcoin

Gunter and Yusho were appearing on CNBC as part of a special segment called Return of the retail trader, discussing a so-called crypto comeback among retail traders. As far as the two experts were concerned retail had never gone away.

“Retail has always been important to the crypto markets,” said Gunter. “Retail saw it first before the institutions had the guts to get in and retail is going to stick around in it through the highs and lows.”

The host then went on to ask Mark Yusho, Morgan Creek‘s CEO, whether Bitcoin was somewhere investors wanted to be “from an institutional manager’s standpoint.” The institutional manager could not have been clearer in his response.

“This is an asset that every investor must have in their portfolio,” said Yusho quite emphatically. “Bitcoin is the best performing asset over two years, over three years, over five years, over 10 years, and over the life of its existence – all 14 years.”

Morgan Creek’s Yusho says crypto winter is over

Yusho went on to state that crypto winter ended in the middle of June and that we are now in crypto spring.

His prognosis for the short to medium was a “volatile period with an upward bias” followed by another crypto summer in short order where retail investors would flood into the market .

The best performing asset

Despite the huge success of Bitcoin, when measured against other assets and other asset classes, there is still some resistance to it in some quarters. Yusho puts this down to a fear of volatility and an aversion to risk.

In a final summation, Gunter was asked for her best advice on avoiding major pitfalls in the market. She says investors should remind themselves which altcoins have “institutional investor lock-ups” and remind themselves when those lock up periods come to an end.

Gunter also expressed concern about coding sanctions in an oblique reference to Tornado Cash.

“The SEC [Security and Exchange Commission] is not the only game in town that we need to be looking at in terms of the risks posed on a very existential level to cryptocurrency,” she said.


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