Everything You Need to Know About The Biggest Bitcoin Conference in UK

While the bear market managed to dent a few aspirations, the story for Bitcoin adoption is quite the opposite.

The Bitcoin Collective and OKX- a popular Bitcoin and cryptocurrency platform, are teaming up to launch the first global Bitcoin conference to happen in the UK. The event will take place at the Assembly Rooms on Edinburgh’s George Street.

Internationally renowned Bitcoin experts, authors and content creators will be taking part in this conference. The event is expected to attract 800 attendees, flying in from all over the world to Edinburgh, Scotland.

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More About the Bitcoin Conference

The conference is exclusively held with the intention of educating the public on Bitcoin, as it’s expected to better our lives, but the confusion around the topic doesn’t exactly help people get a grasp of its potential.

Addressing the need for Bitcoin adoption, the CEO of The Bitcoin Collective, Jordan Walker said, “Bitcoin is for everyone. I think many are feeling the effects of rising prices and the cost of living crisis around the world—and especially in the UK—but maybe don’t completely understand why this is happening. When fancy words like macroeconomics and sound money are used, things can get confusing. But understanding how money works has never been so important.”

He stated that the conference is not about cryptocurrencies or investing in Bitcoin– which is an entirely different discussion in itself. The conference is solely about educating the people on the sound money principles of Bitcoin.

He asked the attendees to bring a notebook and a pen.

What Executives Have to Say About the Conference

Sharing his views on the importance of the conference, Haider Rafique, Chief Marketing Officer, OKX, said: “The UK has a thriving Bitcoin community, and this conference is very well timed against the backdrop of a building phase for the market. This is a time when we should all come together, share ideas, and incubate new products and services to prepare ourselves for the next chapter.

We are excited to be a leading sponsor for this conference, and to participate in educating and encouraging the next generation of developers and entrepreneurs to come and build in this industry. OKX is out to create a generation of responsible, well-informed long-term traders, and the fact that The Bitcoin Collective have the same vision is what makes us so thrilled to be helping make this conference a reality.”

The conference will focus on education, community, inclusivity and open dialogue. And as stated by Haider Rafique, chief marketing officer at OKX, the conference “is just what the Bitcoin industry in the UK needs—the community itself rising up to say this is what we’re about, and this is why you should care.”

The conference will capture a diverse set of audiences. And just like Bitcoin, it is welcoming to everyone irrespective of gender, color or religion.

Edinburgh is the second-largest city in Scotland, with over half a million residents. The city is known to be dense in culture, history, architecture and music. The world-renowned Edinburgh Fringe Festival and Hogmanay is a popular attraction that the city entertains.

The British Bitcoin speakers announced so far include Peter McCormack, host of the podcast What Bitcoin Did. Allen Farrington, author of Bitcoin is Venice, and Danny Scott, CEO of CoinCorner.

About Bitcoin Collective

The Bitcoin Collective was founded by Jordan Walker, Jim Duffy and Lucy-Rose Walker with the objective of creating an inclusive environment for open dialogue discussing the potential of Bitcoin. They plan to deliver Bitcoin conferences in the UK over the next five years.

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