FCF Pay Partners With 500+ E-Commerce & In-Store Merchants


French Connection Finance (FCF) is on pace to reach a new all-time high after a series of bullish announcements – including a new partnership that will lead to FCF Pay being integrated with over 500 e-commerce and in-store merchants!

FCF Pay – the premier crypto payment gateway

FCF Pay is a multifaceted crypto and fiat payment gateway which enables crypto holders to make anonymous online purchases with their cryptocurrency.

A deal between FCF has recently been signed with Everly Market – a company that partners with more than 500 e-commerce and brick & mortar stores around the world to bring them the best financial and payment processing solutions.

This means that when it launches publicly in February, there will already be 500+ stores using it to accept crypto payments. It makes crypto payments easy. Simply decide which of your cryptocurrencies you would like to use to make your purchase, scan the appropriate QR code or enter the wallet ID of an FCF Pay affiliated merchant, and complete your transaction!

Advancing the ecosystem

FCF Pay will contribute to the rewarding ecosystem that FCF is developing. Part of this ecosystem is a dividend program that rewards $FCF holders.

Dividends are generated through a tax that is placed on each sale, purchase, and transfer of FCF tokens. This tax is sent to a dividend pool and automatically distributed among FCF holders every 24 hours in the form of BNB. The more FCF you hold, the more BNB you earn.

Over $1.3 million dollars in BNB rewards have been distributed to holders as of the time of this writing!

FCF Pay will contribute to this rewarding ecosystem with three fundamental features:

Increased dividend generation.Buy back.Burn.

Transactions processed through FCF Pay are subject to a processing fee of 1.5% (or less, depending on merchant volume). A portion of this fee is sent to the dividend pool (thus increasing the dividend payout for holders), and a portion is used to buy FCF tokens which are then sent to a burn wallet.

In other words, every FCF Pay transaction rewards holders with dividends while simultaneously increasing buy pressure and FCF token value!

FCF Pay is currently in beta testing and is set for public launch next month (February 2022).

New exchange listing

With the recent growth of FCF (now exceeding 13,000 holders), the upcoming launch of FCF Pay, and the massive merchant partnership, FCF is set to list on a new exchange!

The necessary talks are happening now, and while we don’t know exactly when or where FCF will be listed next, we can expect this listing to be bigger and better than any previous listing, and we can expect an official announcement in the coming weeks!

You can learn more about FCF by visiting their official website, Blog, and Twitter, and you can join the FCF community by in their Telegram channel.


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