Here’s When Bitcoin (BTC) Price Will Skyrocket to $1 Million, According to Jack Dorsey

In a May 9 interview with journalist Mike Solana on Pirate Wires, Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey shared his bullish view of the future price action of Bitcoin.

Dorsey told Solana that he believes the cryptocurrency could soar to “at least $1 million” by 2030, stating that there is a high probability it “hits that number and goes beyond.”

Bitcoin’s True Value

Dorsey highlighted that beyond bitcoin’s price, the most captivating aspect lies in its collaborative ecosystem, where individuals are incentivized to contribute towards its improvement.

He emphasized that anyone involved in BTC, whether through work, payment, or investment, enhances the overall network, thereby driving its value higher.

According to him, this dynamic makes BTC more than just a financial asset; it represents a compelling ecosystem and movement that has provided valuable lessons.

Dorsey had previously expressed his grand vision for bitcoin’s potential societal impact, suggesting that he sees it as capable of contributing to “world peace” and “energy abundance.”

Jack Dorsey

Jack Dorsey’s Departure from Bluesky

During the interview, Dorsey, who now heads the financial services firm Block, offered insights into his recent departure from the board of BlueSky, a decentralized Twitter alternative he co-launched in 2019.

BlueSky officially confirmed Dorsey’s exit via a post on May 5, expressing gratitude for his role in initiating and funding the project while announcing the search for a new board member.

In discussing BlueSky, Dorsey expressed concerns about its direction, stating it was “literally repeating all the mistakes Twitter made” and asserting that it lacked true decentralization.

He expressed dissatisfaction with BlueSky’s deviation from its original vision as an open-source protocol separate from specific applications, emphasizing its shift towards traditional company structures and moderation tools.

Initially conceptualized as a protocol that Twitter and other social media platforms could use independently from the application layer to mitigate censorship risks, BlueSky’s transition into a more corporate entity with investor backing and governance contradicted Dorsey’s intentions.

“Everything we wanted around decentralization, everything we wanted in terms of an open-source protocol, suddenly became a company with VCs and a board. That’s not what I wanted, that’s not what I intended to help create,” he said.

Dorsey, who has since removed his BlueSky account, remarked that the platform Nostr, characterized by its anonymity and open protocol free of corporate or centralized authority, better resonates with his principles of censorship resistance.

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