NED Token – No Longer Just an Altcoin, It’s an Entire Ecosystem

Cryptocurrencies continue to enjoy enormous popularity, which is driven by spectacular growth in the value of the most popular ones. Digital currency enthusiasts have repeatedly emphasized that this is the money of the future.

This reality seems likelier than ever, especially at a time when states and central banks are not only starting to talk about adopting and using cryptocurrencies (El Salvador has not only recognized bitcoin as a currency but has also transferred some of its reserves to it) but are also considering issuing their own digital currencies for common use (China will probably soon be the first to introduce this). But will this continue?

Cryptocurrencies are only a small, albeit the most visible, part of an enormous technological advance. Cryptocurrencies and standalone blockchain are groundbreaking technologies that aren’t going anywhere and will significantly transform many industries and financial markets.

Just like the internet, which has irreversibly infiltrated all aspects of modern life in the 30 years of its existence.

Should we limit ourselves to using blockchain for cryptocurrencies alone, or can we go even further? Well…

First, the token…

It’s impossible to talk about the NED project without starting with the token itself. The NED Token is the main pillar of the entire NED ecosystem, an innovative combination of several platforms that take advantage of blockchain technologies.

These platforms bring a new quality to the world of cryptocurrencies and the existing startup network ecosystem. The NED token itself is known as a utility token, which means that it will be the main mean of payment within these platforms.

The NED token currently uses its own system, the same as the ERC-20 standard. The issuer is also working on a BEP-20 standard token.

…and then a whole ecosystem

The tokens will ultimately be used in the wider NED ecosystem, which brings together several specialized platforms and companies associated with the NED project.

These platforms will include, for example, Everchain a virtual data storage vault. Stored data may include but is not limited to photos, files, and documents. Thanks to the blockchain, your data will be guaranteed the maximum level of security.

Stored permanently in the system, there are no circumstances under which data can be lost or “evaporate.” Furthermore, the data will be stored in an encrypted format, so that only the owner of the file (who holds the relevant key to decode it) will be able to view its contents.

Galilei, in contrast, will be an innovative virtual cryptocurrency exchange, a hybrid system between centralized and decentralized crypto exchanges.

A safe, modern platform with an intuitive UI, is also a launchpad for new cryptocurrency projects, which offers issuers simpler and less costly listings of new and startup cryptocurrency projects and greater protection for buyers.

Ned Future, meanwhile, focuses on real estate and aims to become an online real estate office unlimited by territory and offering innovative changes in real estate sales and rentals.

Unlike traditional offices, it is unrestricted in its territorial scope and unlimited by the operating hours of physical branches. At the same time, it serves as a hub, bringing together investors and interesting development projects.

Your NED tokens can then be used for payment or services across all platforms in the ecosystem.

Who’s behind it?

The NED project is being developed by the international holding company NED New Era Development, which has been active in the market for years and currently aims to enter the digital space, connecting traditional markets with new, modern blockchain technologies, services, and trends.

Through a unique combination of the best IT experts and cryptographic technologists with experienced professionals in the financial and real estate markets, along with years of experience in real-life practices and collaboration with experienced experts across industries, NED New Era Development can create innovative Fintech products and timeless technological solutions.

Furthermore, an expert valuation of the entire NED ecosystem’s know-how, carried out by a reputable, independent certification body, already exceeds the hundreds of millions.

Continuous development and expansion accompanied by innovative solutions give NED the advantage of being always one step ahead of the competition, constantly increasing its value.

It’s not just that NED New Era Development believes in a new, open way of thinking about investing. The company’s approach to risk management, results-oriented focus, accessibility, sustainability, transparency, and unprecedented security opens up the world of twenty-first century FinTech technology for clients.

Who’s it for?

Who should be interested in the NED ecosystem now?

Are you looking for a reliable and state-independent tool to protect against inflation that devalues your savings? Are you tempted by the possibility of fantastic appreciation that traditional financial products simply don’t offer?

NED tokens are a convenient and elegant alternative to conventional financial instruments and an excellent response to the emerging issue of maximum diversification of investment risk in the current situation.

Last, but not least, an important argument in favor is the opportunity to invest your free resources in the most innovative instrument, especially if you are interested in participating in a FinTech enterprise and entering a revolutionary ecosystem that goes far beyond the world of cryptocurrencies and offers unparalleled possibilities — whether in the market, the above-mentioned real estate sector or functional, encrypted and secure data storage.

Cryptocurrencies are here to stay and aren’t going anywhere. Despite inevitable fluctuations in their actual value (every healthy market shows such corrections), demand will always be greater than supply and thus the value of cryptocurrencies will always increase in the long run. 


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