Polygon gets a boost after being included in Disney Accelerator Program

With all indicators pointing to a cryptocurrency market bottom, the move by Disney could uplift MATIC. 

Key points: 

Polygon has been included in the Disney Accelerator program. 

Polygon is also benefitting immensely from Ethereum 2.0 since it will handle most Ethereum-based transactions.

Polygon could emerge as a top performer in the next cryptocurrency bull run based on these factors. 

Despite the bear market, big corporations are still betting big on cryptocurrencies. One of those making moves in the cryptocurrency market is Disney. This week, Disney announced adding Polygon (MATIC) to its accelerator program. It signals the company’s big bet on Web 3.0 and other aspects of the cryptocurrency market. 

The Disney Accelerator program usually invests in projects or companies that Disney intends to collaborate with in its various services. In essence, investors believe that Disney wants to collaborate with Polygon in one way or the other. 

What does this mean for Polygon?

Being chosen for the Disney accelerator program is a big deal for Polygon and a reason to keep an eye on this cryptocurrency. That’s because one of the key considerations when investing in a cryptocurrency is adoption. In this case, Polygon has high prospects of getting adopted by one of the largest corporations in the world.

Besides, this move is also a huge publicity boost for Polygon. Many potential cryptocurrency investors didn’t know about Polygon but now know about it. This puts MATIC ahead of many other cryptocurrencies for a rally once bulls retake market control.

MATIC other good news

The Disney-related news is not the only reason to bet big on MATIC, though. This cryptocurrency is also connected to Ethereum, which could soon give it a tremendous value boost.

Once Ethereum 2.0 goes live, it will rely heavily on layer-2 solutions like Polygon to complete transactions. Polygon, the largest of the Ethereum layer-2 solutions, is likely to benefit the most. The upsurge in transactions could positively affect the price of MATIC, especially when you consider its deflationary nature.

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