The best cryptocurrencies to buy for easy passive income


There are many ways to make money in the crypto market. But most of these ways require that you are an active investor, looking at charts daily and making moves. But it is also possible to make passive income in crypto, and here is how:

You can stake certain crypto assets and earn a return annually of somewhere between 10 and 25%.

You will also find chances to fund new projects in crypto and earn some early investor rewards.

NFTs, which are fairly recent, also give you the chance to earn some passive income wherever you are.

Well, if you have been looking for ways to earn some additional money with crypto, the following coins are perfect:

Compound Finance (COMP)

One of the easiest ways to earn passive income in crypto is to lend your digital assets for a small interest. Now, this can feel like a very complex process. But do not worry. Compound (COMP) is here to make sure you have an easy time. 

Data Source: Tradingview 

The platform simply gives you the tools you need to spread out your capital and earn decent interest on it. In fact, as of now, there is over $11 billion worth of capital already invested.

Celsius Network (CEL)

The Celsius Network (CEL) is one of the best coins for staking. Proof of stake blockchains are now very common, and owners of crypto assets can earn rewards by verifying blockchain transactions. This is called staking and with Celsius, you can actually earn returns of up to 20% every year.

SwissBorg (CHSB)

Based in Switzerland, SwissBorg (CHSB) hopes to democratise wealth management and make it more community-driven. The platform also offers a great chance for investors to earn yields through its native token. In fact, you can earn as high as 20% in yields from your staked assets. You also earn 2x more if you stake the CHSB.

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