Top coins to buy as we enter the second half of 2022

2022 appears to have simply flown by so fast for most crypto investors. The market has not delivered as expected, but we have not seen any major crashes. As we enter the second half of the year, there are some opportunities to make good money. Here is why:

Most coins have failed to really break out and remain heavily discounted.

The second half of the year could bring a change in fortunes as more investors enter the market.

The overall outlook for many coins is still good, even with the slump during the first half of 2022.

So, we decided to create a list of two coins that we think could blow up in the final half of 2022. Here they are:

Polygon (MATIC)

At the start of 2022, one coin that was earmarked for great things was Polygon (MATIC). Analysts all over felt that the altcoin would challenge major projects like Ethereum and Solana. This was after MATIC had delivered insane gains for investors a year earlier.

But flash forward six months into 2022, and MATIC has fallen sharply. At the moment, it’s very difficult to see how the altcoin will live up to the high expectations set at the start of the year. But we believe Polygon and its fundamentals will be good enough to attract more buyers. As such, MATIC could offer up to 4x growth from the current price.

Cosmos (ATOM)

One thing we love about Cosmos (ATOM) is its incredible resilience. Yes, the coin has suffered losses this year. But compared to the rest of the market, it has actually managed to fend off major sell-offs. 

We also think the coin is significantly undervalued, especially when you look at its roadmap and the vision it has for the future. For this reason, ATOM is highly recommended for the rest of the year.

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