Uniswap (UNI) hits $1 trillion in trade volume despite the 2022 price slump

Uniswap (UNI), one of the biggest decentralized exchanges in the world, has been hitting new milestones over the past few weeks. This success comes even as UNI, its native token, continues to slump in 2022. Here are some of these latest developments:

Uniswap has now crossed $1 trillion in total trade volume

The DEX has also seen 3.9 million cumulative users in May alone

Despite this, its native token UNI remains suppressed below $6

Data Source: TradingView 

Why UNI is not rallying

Normally, with the kind of milestones that Uniswap has reported, you would expect the coin to surge sharply. However, it doesn’t seem like most investors are interested in underlying fundamentals right now. Yes, Uniswap will likely top the list of some of the best long-term investment assets in crypto. 

But because of slowed sentiment and worries over a possible meltdown of the crypto market, investors are waiting on the sidelines. Interestingly, the 24-hour trade volume for the UNI token has dropped 18%, even with reports of these major milestones. Investors are simply not making big moves right now. 

Besides, UNI has also been quite bearish for the last 5 months. In fact, just a few months ago, UNI was testing $30. Right now, the coin has lost over 85% of its value. It’s unlikely UNI will rally anytime soon. Looking at the technical indicators, the coin still has some downside and could hit $3 in the near term.

Where will UNI go in the future?

Well, there is no doubt the current conditions in the crypto market will get better. This may take a few months, but the market will start to attract positive investor sentiment. As such, undervalued coins like UNI will get to rise again. 

For the remainder of 2022, UNI could realistically hit $20, and that’s the bare minimum. This will give investors a 4x multiple from the current price.

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