Why This Lesser-Known Cryptocurrency Could Be the Next Big Thing

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Altura, a lesser-known cryptocurrency, has demonstrated its immense potential by achieving over 80% gains within 11 days. This impressive growth comes amid the cryptocurrency’s increased strategic partnerships. These have played a vital role in elevating Altura’s position in the industry.

Altura is an all-inclusive platform that empowers game developers to create, update, and transfer non-fungible tokens (NFTs) effortlessly. In this innovative world, technical complexity and expensive investments take the back seat, allowing developers to soar to new heights of creativity and success.

What sets Altura apart from the rest? It simplifies the process by removing the intricate jargon, freeing up more time for developers to focus on what they do best- innovation!

But Altura is not just a conceptual platform; it is a bustling hive of activity! It has an impressive user base of 44,000 unique marketplace users and a staggering total of 291,000 transactions. The platform facilitates a cryptocurrency marketplace volume of $3.9 million. Additionally, Altura boasts the minting of 38,000 unique NFTs. These numbers highlight the dynamic nature of the Altura ecosystem and its growth potential.

ALU Ecosystem

Altura: Revolutionizing NFT Creation and Trading for Game Developers

One of the standout features of Altura is the concept of Smart NFTs. Game developers can now update NFTs instantaneously and at no additional cost. This enhances the interactive and ever-evolving nature of NFTs within games.

The Altura cryptocurrency marketplace is a thriving hub for buying, selling, and trading NFTs. Moreover, stakers can earn an excellent 8% annual percentage yield (APY) on their ALU tokens, incentivizing active participation within the ecosystem. Altura is not just a platform; it’s an entire ecosystem that rewards its dedicated participants.

The Altura community is rapidly expanding, attracting avid gamers and Web3 enthusiasts alike. It has evolved into more than just a platform; it has become a vibrant community where NFT transactions have become a way of life. This growing community fosters collaboration, interaction, and a shared passion for the potential of NFTs in gaming.

ALU Marketplace
ALU Marketplace

Security is of paramount importance at Altura and in the cryptocurrency scene at large. The platform provides built-in authentication tools that empower developers to establish a secure and trustworthy NFT economy. With Altura, developers can confidently enforce their own rules within a secure umbrella, ensuring the protection of their games and creations.

Altura has emerged as a game-changer in NFT creation and trading for game developers. By streamlining the process, fostering community engagement, and prioritizing security, Altura paves the way for a more accessible and dynamic NFT ecosystem. With Altura, game developers can unleash their creativity without being hindered by technical complexities. This brings their visions to life in an exciting and evolving digital landscape.

Altura: Expanding its Reach through Strategic Partnerships

Altura, the leading platform for Web3 gaming infrastructure, has forged numerous partnerships with prominent platforms, solidifying its position as a key player in the industry. These collaborations allow Altura to extend its simplified and high-performance blockchain technology to a wider range of developers, enabling them to build and scale Web3 games seamlessly.

Among the major partnerships is Dominofi, the creators of the popular play-to-earn board game, DominoFi.

They will utilize Altura’s Unity SDK to create Smart NFTs and Altura Guard to secure assets and validate EVM-compatible addresses. CryptoMayhem, the first metaverse to combine economic strategy with top-down shooter gameplay, will leverage Altura’s Unity SDK to turn in-game assets into NFTs, which will be available on their custom marketplace powered by Altura.

Altura also collaborates with UltiverseDAO, a metaverse platform offering diverse MetaFi and Dapp user experiences. Ultiverse will benefit from Altura’s Unreal Engine SDK and Altura Guard, ensuring the validation of EVM-compatible addresses and the security of in-game assets.

Altura has partnered with Cronos, a Layer-1 chain backed by Crypto.com, to bring Web3 infrastructure to the Cronos ecosystem. This partnership allows developers building on Cronos the opportunity to leverage Altura’s gaming SDK. In turn, this facilitates gaming innovation within the Cronos gaming ecosystem.

These are just a few examples of Altura’s extensive network of partnerships within the past 2 months. These collaborations empower developers to integrate, update, and transfer in-game assets seamlessly while providing enhanced security measures through Altura Guard. Altura expands its influence with each partnership and strengthens its commitment to revolutionizing the Web3 gaming landscape.

ALU/USD Price Analysis

TradingView Chart: ALU/USD 1

The daily chart analysis of the ALU/USD pair indicates a prevailing positive trend in the market, despite the trend correction. This correction suggests that prices may temporarily decline before experiencing further gains. The downward trend was reversed when prices moved above the downtrend line and the moving averages, transitioning from a negative to a positive trend. This positive trend is expected to persist for some time.

The upward movement of prices above the Ichimoku Cloud serves as additional evidence of a strong upward trend. Moreover, the Stochastic Oscillator reinforces this signal with its value in the overbought zone. While prices may retreat in the short term, the overall trend is expected to remain positive.

The initial resistance level stands at the 61% Fibonacci retracement level of $0.040894, calculated from the highest value on May 3rd to the lowest on June 15th. If prices close above this level, a significant rise toward the 78% Fibonacci retracement level at $0.045760 could occur.

Conversely, if the initial resistance holds and prices begin to decline, the first level of support can be found at the 50% Fibonacci retracement level of 0.037289.

ALU cryptocurrency currently possesses a market capitalization of $28 million, with a 39.28% gain in the 24-hour trading volume. The 85.06% gains within the past 11 days demonstrate an increased interest in the new gaming platform and its growth potential.

ALU Alternative

Switch gaze from ALU and consider yPredict, a project using smart contracts to enable users to participate in prediction markets across various fields. This includes finance, politics, and sports. It also introduces a unique feature called “Social Trading,” allowing users to replicate trades made by skilled traders on the platform.

The primary goal of yPredict is to democratize the prediction market industry, providing users with a decentralized and fair trading environment. Additionally, yPredict offers free price predictions for coins and securities, showcasing the capabilities of AI-driven tools on its platform.

yPredict recently launched its first model, the yPredict backlink model, aimed at helping individuals and businesses improve their search engine rankings. The model, trained on over 100 million links, offers a tactical approach to predicting backlink profiles. Thus, achieving higher visibility on platforms like Google makes it easier.

While the model is currently available for free on a limited-time trial basis, users will eventually need to use the YPRED token to access its features. yPredict is a decentralized platform built on the Ethereum blockchain, offering a transparent and secure prediction market.

The presale has already raised over $2.62 million. The YPRED token is currently priced at $0.09, with a listing price set at $0.12. The project incorporates a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), ensuring transparent and democratic decision-making. By combining AI and decentralized technology, yPredict aims to tap into the vast potential of these domains.

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