ZKsync opens second round of ZK token airdrop claims

ZKsync’s second wave of ZK token claims is now live
ZK Nation announced participants can check eligibility if they are Protocol Guild members, project contributors (external) or if nominated by a native ZKsync project.
The ZK token trades around $0.16, down 7% in the past 24 hours and 50% since its recent all-time high

ZK Nation has announced the project’s airdrop claims for its ZK token is now live for the second wave of distribution.

According to a post on the official ZK Nation X account, this second round of the native token’s airdrop claims targets members of the Protocol Guild, contributors to external projects, or individuals nominated by given ZKsync ecosystem projects.

This group of airdrop beneficiaries can now check their eligibility and those eligible will have until January 3, 2025 to claim their ZK tokens.

Last week, ZKsync rolled out the first wave of its airdrop, with total tokens set to be airdropped to the community at 17.5% of the total supply of 21 billion ZK. That meant 3,675,000,000 tokens will be up for grabs – with 89% meant for ZKsync users, 5.8% for ZKsync native projects, 2.8% for on-chain communities and 2.4% for builders.

In the June 24 announcement, ZK Nation said the new round of airdrop for ZK accounts for 1.91% of the total 3.67 billion airdrop supply is up for grabs.

What is ZKsync?

ZKsync is a Layer-2 protocol and scaling solution for Ethereum. The project’s ZK chains offers high performance, modular rollups and validiums,with ZKsync’s zero-knowledge (ZK) technology powering the ecosystem.

As can seen above, the ZK token trades around $0.16 at the time of writing. That’s about 7% down in the past 24 hours as the altcoin mirrors the weakness seen across the crypto market.

ZKsync token ZK price chart. Source: CoinMarketCap

ZK price is thus 50% off its highest level, having reached an all-time high of $0.321.  The cryptocurrency token currently trades on Binance, OKX, Gate.io and Bybit.

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